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If you are looking for barbecue catering in phoenix Choose the right Appetizers

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If you are looking for barbecue catering in phoenix Choosing the right Appetizers for your Catering Event is critical!  At BobbyQ we have the experts to help you with this important decision.

barbecue catering in phoenix

Whether you are hosting a party, corporate event, or wedding reception it can be difficult deciding on what appetizers to offer. You want to have enough for guests to enjoy but not too much where they won’t have enough room for dinner. When we discuss catering menu options with brides to be, corporate planners or your everyday guests looking to celebrate a special occasion. We always recommend choosing two appetizers with one being a hearty option and including some type of protein such as our Q-Rolls and one being on the lighter side that includes a veggie option, such as our Tomato Mozzarella Skewers. Mixing and matching catering appetizer items that are both heavy and light will ensure guests will not only enjoy the cocktail hour but the amazing dinner menu you have designed. If you have any questions about your wedding, corporate event or special celebration, Bobby Qs has been providing great food and service valley wide since 2005!


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